Compliance and Corporate Governance

We promise transparency to all of our customers and stakeholders through the delivery of rules, procedures and principles under the entities that manage and direct our company. Our work as asset integrity providers is overseen by various federal agencies, providing a level of assurance to our customers and parties associated with our company, Aegeus Inspection Solutions, and its affiliates. Our goals and objectives are derived by our partners and leaders, whose vision is essential to our success as a provider of non-destructive testing and inspection solutions.

Through our ESG Program, the Aegeus Group is committed to fostering a safediverse workplace for all our employees that resembles the communities we serve while also aiming to lessen our environmental impact. We are also committed to promoting and adopting equitablesustainable, and ethical workplace practices to demonstrate to our employees, clients, and vendors the importance of integrity in our actions and through our services.

Whistleblowing & Reporting

UNDERSTAND. The effectiveness of our efforts depends largely on employees, interns, independent contractors, and other persons telling us about violations in our Code of Ethics Policy. All employees are required to know and understand the Code of Ethics Policy.

RECOGNIZE.  If you witness or have knowledge about violations to this policy, you should report it immediately via our whistleblowing channel. If you do not report the violations, the Company may not become aware of the possible ethics violation and may not be able to take appropriate corrective action.

REPORT.  All individuals are encouraged to report any violations to this policy via our whistleblowing channel for prompt and thorough investigation. All violations should be reported to: [email protected]. The Company will protect whistleblowers from retaliation, which includes threatening or taking any adverse action against an individual, and will maintain confidentiality to the full extent permitted by law.

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