Vendor Surveillance / Technical Staffing: Vendor Inspection (Shop or Source Inspection / Third Party Inspection)

Aegeus Inspection Solutions executes Vendor Inspection activities at a customer’s facility to inspect new equipment and manufacturing processes.  Our experts understand the importance of Vendor Inspection for customers, as they are an essential component to their purchasing activities. All Vendor Inspection assignments are conducted by an expert technical professional, as they work closely with our customers to ensure inspection schedules are established and executed appropriately. These inspection activities can either be executed on a single day, ensuring minimal interruptions, or on multiple visits, to secure and confidently validate the asset’s integrity.

Why Aegeus

Because Vendor Surveillance programs are an essential component to securing the integrity of manufacturing assets and processes, customers must be certain that only the most experienced, qualified, and competent technical personnel are able to successfully execute vendor surveillance activities. Our customers can trust the dedication, integrity, and expertise of our technical professionals to ensure Vendor Surveillance activities are performed according to established requirements. 


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