In 2023, the Applus Group sold off Applus RTD USA Inc., which allowed the current name and brand of Aegeus Inspection Solutions to be introduced to the industry. We have over 40 years of expertise in NDT, inspection, engineering, and technical staffing solutions.


Every day, many industries operate numerous assets, from compact equipment to large-scale plants, to ensure their customers obtain the products they require. These products, from petroleum gas and plastics to large aircrafts, play a vital role in our way of life. When customers attain these products to refine and deliver to customers, it symbolizes a completion, where deliverables were able to be executed to the highest of standards. Numerous entities made this possible, along with the contributions of integrity experts securing the safety and integrity of assets. 

Through non-destructive testing and inspection and other varying integrity solutions, technical experts are able to assess materials, components, structures to discover any flaws, abnormalities, or discontinuities to secure the integrity of client products and avoid catastrophes due to undiscovered faults and defects. By preventing these failures, asset integrity experts are doing their part to secure the safety of our communities and the environment at large. At Aegeus Inspection Solutions, we will do our part to secure the reliability and safety of your company’s assets and operations. 

Aegeus Inspection Solutions delivers conventional and advanced non-destructive testing, inspection, engineering, and staff augmentation solutions for the energy, defense, and aerospace sectors. Operating in the US for over 40 years, our group comprises experienced technical professionals who provide a wide range of services to secure the integrity, dependability, and safety of our clients’ assets. 

Our experts will implement tailored inspection programs and solutions to achieve specific goals and objectives, from minimizing costs and increasing performance to securing regulatory compliance. Through our partnership, we will ensure your inspection, engineering, and staffing solutions will be assured to facilitate decision-makers in executing the appropriate measures to enhance operational efficiency, improve product quality, and reduce risk.

  • 2006

    RTD becomes a part of Applus+

  • 2008

    Jan X-Ray Services (JANX) acquired

  • 2010

    Valley Industrial X-Ray and Inspection Services, Quality Inspection Services Inc. acquired

  • 2011

    Kiefner & Associates acquired

  • 2016

    Valley Industrial X-Ray and Inspection Services and Quality Inspection Services Inc. merge with RTD to become Applus RTD USA Inc.

  • 2023

    Applus RTD USA Inc., Kiefner and JANX become the Aegeus Group

    Applus RTD USA Inc. becomes Aegeus Inspection Solutions Inc.