Visual Inspection (VT) is a conventional non-destructive testing method is a proven, widely used method used on assets owned and operated by vast array of industries and can be used during each stage of a component or asset’s life cycle. The process of Visual Inspection (VT) involves utilizing an array NDT visual equipment, from measurement devices or gauges and magnifying devices with the use a direct light source, to indirect VT equipment such as video cameras, endoscopes, borescopes and visual inspection UAV technology.

We provide VT Level II and CWI inspectors who are qualified to meet ASNT CP-189 and SNT-TC-1A requirements.

What are the advantages of Visual Inspection (VT)?

Customers can obtain many benefits through the application of this conventional testing technique for their assets, which include:
Immediate results

Is Visual Inspection (VT) the appropriate technique for our assets?

Visual Inspection (VT) Testing can be applied on assets owned and operated by companies in various sectors, and can detect some of the following irregularities:
Discontinuities that are surface breaking or result in a deformation at the surface
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Thin walls