Short Range Ultrasonic (LORUS)

Short Range Ultrasonic (LORUS) is an advanced ultrasonic testing technique that is capable of detecting external or internal corrosion within ferrous or non-ferrous material at a distance of up to 90cm (3 feet) depending on the material and its surface condition, corrosion, coatings and temperature. The technique is used to test asset components in difficult-to-inspect areas. LORUS is a cost-effective solution to determine indiscernible metal loss in components. 

Advantages of Short Range Ultrasonic (LORUS)

Customers can gain many benefits by allowing the implementation of LORUS on owned and operated assets. Benefits include:

No equipment or operational downtime is required for the inspection to be executed
Accurate detection capabilities by being able to determine areas in need of attention or repair
Inspection results can be delivered on-site
Ability to detect abnormalities in difficult-to-inspect areas

Is Short Range Ultrasonic (LORUS) the appropriate technique for our assets?

Short Range Ultrasonic (LORUS) can be applied on assets owned and operated by companies in a sectors such as: 

Pipeline Transportation​
Oil and Gas
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