Construction Testing Service

Our materials testing laboratory holds accreditations from organizations such as AASHTO Re:Source formally AMRL, United States Army Corps of Engineers and participates in proficiency testing through AMRL and CCRL. We maintain the only NQA-1 Quality program for Materials Testing in the Northwest

Our clients turn to us for our ability to serve the construction industry as a leading total quality assurance partner. Our materials testing and inspection solutions can be suited to meet the needs of any project type, under any contract type or delivery method and if needed, we can even provide fully accredited on-site testing laboratories, creating efficiencies that save time and money.

Field & Laboratory Testing Solutions

Soils & Foundations Testing

Grout Stabilization Inspection
Deep Foundations Testing & Inspection
Reinforced Earth Construction
Nondestructive Examination
Soil Density Testing
Soil Stabilization Testing
Soil-cement Inspection

Concrete Testing & Inspection

Mix Design
Strength Testing
Compressive Testing
Flexural Testing
Split Tensile Testing
Reinforcement Locations
Pre-stressed & Precast Concrete Inspection
Aggregate Testing (Unit Weight, Gradation, etc.)

Structural Testing & Inspection

Threshold Inspections
Post-tensioning Calibration & Inspection
Fireproofing Thickness, Weight, & Adhesion/Cohesion Testing
Reinforcing Steel Inspection

Metals Testing & Inspection

Structural Steel Fabrication Inspection
Structural Steel Field Erection Inspection
Welding Certification & Procedure Qualification
Nondestructive Examination

Pavements Testing & Inspection

Preconstruction Services
Asphalt Laboratory Testing
Field Testing & Inspection
Concrete Pavement Testing & Inspection
Pavement Evaluation & Failure Investigation
Underdrain Inspection

Masonry Testing & Inspection

Concrete Masonry Unit Testing
Mortar & Stucco Mix Design Testing & Inspection
Brick Testing
Construction Testing & Inspection

Roofing Testing & Inspection

Field Evaluation & Testing
Roof Application Monitoring
Laboratory Testing

Specialty Testing & Inspection

Floor Flatness Profiling
Vibration Monitoring
Load Tests
Failure Investigations
Curtainwall Mock-up & Fabrication Inspection
Waterproofing Specification Review
Waterproofing Application Monitoring
Profilograph Testing California Test Method 526

Quality Assurance & Quality Control Solutions

Soils & Foundations

Soil Compaction Testing
Soil Classification Testing
Field Density Testing
Soil Stabilization
Concrete Testing
Foundation Bearing Capacity
Settlement Testing
Deep Foundation Testing


Aggregate Quality
Gradation testing
Mix Temperatures
Compressive strength testing
Mix Design
Slump testing
Air content testing

Pavements (Soil & Aggregates, Concrete and Asphalt)

Aggregate Quality
Gradation testing
Compaction testing
Material Temperatures
Moisture content of aggregate
Asphalt Volumetrics
Nuclear density testing
Mix Design
Slump Testing
Air Content Testing
Compressive Strength Testing
Flexural Strength Testing