The examination and evaluation of welding in pipeline systems is essential to securing their integrity and efficacy. Our Kiefner and Associates, Inc. affiliates will deliver the support to safeguard and protect you company’s pipeline welding related issues. Through our team’s expert knowledge in engineering, metallurgy, materials, and welding, our experts will deliver welding procedures and technical work instructions to ensure the quality of welded products, eliminating the probability of costly re-work and ensure welding teams are working efficiently.

Our welding engineering and procedures meet the requirements of a number regulatory groups, including CSA, ASME, AWS, and ISO and marine classification societies, including Lloyds, DNV, ABS.

Welding engineering and procedures services we offer:
Review current company welding standards and procedures to assure they are aligned with the current industry standards and best practices
Qualify production and in-service welding procedure specifications and welder performance
Provide training on many welding related topics
Mechanical laboratory testing
Registration of programs with technical authorities
How can you benefit from specialized welding engineering and procedures strategy?

Customers can benefit from incorporating welding engineering and procedures for welds in pipeline systems through the following:

Provide technical staff such as welders with adequate training through welding programs
Ensure welding and fabrication facilities are complaint with regulatory agencies
Fast implementation of welding programs through expertise of industry best practices
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