To secure the integrity of materials utilized to construct buildings, operating equipment, among other essential systems, knowledge of the characteristics and properties of the materials is required. Both non-destructive and destructive methods are implemented to secure product integrity. Data collected from examinations can assist operators in making concrete decisions regarding materials suitability for service and identify any issues or areas of concern with a system in construction.

Our affiliate, Kiefner and Associates, Inc. has in its disposal a fully equipped laboratory to carry out failure investigations, instrumented burst tests, corrosion tests, and standard mechanical properties tests.

The types of testing and investigations that are performed to secure integrity of materials for construction include:

Failure Investigations

Full metallurgical investigations of pipeline-related failures including:

Non-destructive examination
Material characterization
Deposit and material chemistry
Microbiological related activity
Fatigue crack propagation
Weld evaluation
Linear polarization resistance
Instrumented Burst Tests
Standard endcap testing
Variable axial loading testing
Strain Gauges
Displacement, pressure, temperature, and acceleration
Multi-channel data acquisition
Labview programming
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