Certain practices must be undertaken to investigate malfunction and breakdown of pipelines and other assets through thorough investigations. It is essential to collect concrete data to produce the most definitive conclusions on a cause of pipeline failure. Pipeline operators must understand the reasons for failure to minimize catastrophic events and safeguard the safety of the public and minimize impact to the environment to ensure regulatory compliance. Our team of experts can execute a series of tactics to produce accurate and reliable failure analysis data.

What are the Causes of Pipeline Failure?

Various conditions can affect the efficacy of pipeline assets, including:

Seam and weld defects
Environmental cracking
Mechanical damage

Other factors considered include operational and environmental elements that could have contributed to a failure.

Our techniques to develop in-depth Failure Analysis include:
A written report on the cause of the failure no more than 30 days after the materials and authorization are received
Investigative party service in failures investigated by the National Transportation Safety Board and/or Pipeline and Hazardous Material Safety Administration (PHMSA)
In-the-field investigations of failures
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Our lab facilities, along with the expertise of our failure investigation specialists, will be able to determine cause of failure to ensure you have the knowledge to prevent and/or minimize future events.

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