Various methods of Leak Testing (LT) can be executed on new components in accordance to the specified codes and procedures. Our team of experts at Aegeus can also work with customers to assist in locating leaks within their operating systems and existing assets. Assets that are typically inspected through the use of LT include pressure vessels and vacuum systems. There are a multitude of Leak Testing methods, including Direct-pressure bubble leak testing, pressure-change testing, thermal conductivity detector probe testing, and ultrasonic leak detector testing, to name a few.

What are the advantages of Leak Testing (LT)?

Customers can obtain many benefits through the application of this advanced testing technique for their assets, which include:

LT can determine the exact location of leaks for repairs.

Is Leak Testing (LT) the appropriate technique for our assets?

Leak Testing (LT) can be applied on various components, including:

Heat Exchangers
Gas-Piping Systems
Pressure Vessels
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