Magnetic flux leakage is a technique used by asset managers aiming to evaluate the condition of their storage tanks. At Aegeus, we utilize advanced scanners for comprehensive integrity assessment, predominantly focusing on tank floors, but not exclusively. Our method hinges on the creation of an strong magnetic field within ferrous constructs. As the sensor navigates areas affected by corrosion or other structural deviations, any change in the magnetic flux density gets instantly captured and displayed on our digital interface. This not only provides real-time insights to our technicians but also archives the data for detailed post-evaluation.

Aegeus' MFL Solutions:

Our prowess in MFL is underlined by a structured approach. Committed to precision, Aegeus employs cutting-edge technology and ensures all findings are documented with unparalleled detail, facilitating accurate assessment of a tank’s long-term operational feasibility. Given the extensive range of equipment and software at our disposal, our partners enjoy the advantage of real-time C-Scan visualizations. By strategically setting detection thresholds, Aegeus emphasizes the most critical defects, eliminating the need for broad, time-consuming examinations. By integrating our MFL procedures with a meticulously planned API 653 program, we offer a comprehensive tank assessment, meeting regulatory standards and ensuring uninterrupted production cycles.